Laughing at the Sky

Colours, sounds and thoughts arising from the silence…


I was born Isidora Opaline Atteberry in 1978 at Royal United Hospital, Bath, England, to rather strange parents. It was a long labour, during which lightning struck 3 times and a nearby street flooded.

I had piano lessons at age 8 from two different teachers, but gave up before grade 1 because playing random stuff on my own was much more fun. I got my first electronic keyboard at age 10, a Casio SK1 which could sample. Of course, I mostly burped into it and let it play the demo song in burps. Not very ladylike, I know, but I never said I was normal.

As a teenager I took up the electric guitar instead, and at age 15 started a female heavy metal band called We Will Steal Your Boyfriends with two school friends, Davina and Jacin.

By my late teens I had moved to banjo and got into folk music. I inherited my grandfather’s old accordion and formed a band called Simon’s Pet Weasel.

However, by age 20 I was bored of the folk scene and got into electronic music. I bought my first synthesizer, a Yamaha DX7, with which I made a lot of 80’s sounding music.

At age 26 I was sick of music altogether and went in search of something different, eventually finding photography. I bought my first digital SLR camera, a Canon EOS 300D.

By age 30 I was sick of photography too, and became a poet/writer/lunatic, penning ground-breaking pieces such as The Day Barbara Smith Catapulted Her Hamster Into a Bowl of Soup. I also wrote humorous nonsense for the spoof encyclopedia Uncyclopedia.

Additionally, somewhere along the way, I have sometimes created silly/funny audio pieces, involving taking recordings of famous people saying things and editing them to make them say other things. For a while I was also part of a comedy double act called Trampoline Bouncing with Auntie Beryl, in which I played various daft characters such as Boring Norma, The Knicker Elastic Lady, Gertrude McFannybottomface, Wendlsydale Cheese, and The Woman Who Can’t Stop Shouting at Squirrels.

These days I do a bit of everything, to stop me getting bored of any one thing.

I chose the Laughing at the Sky as my creative name because it reminds me of my dear late grandmother Audrey who, towards the very end of her life, did find clouds funny.

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